PY1 Nights

PY1 Nights with Caravana

A multi-sensory journey imagined by Guy Laliberté and created by Gabriel Coutu-Dumont features CARAVANA’s iconic pieces to bring to live the Eye Wonder night experience.

PY1 Nights In Partnership with CΛRΛVΛNΛ

PY1 Nights take over the sacred space of the pyramid after dark with 7 daring thematic worlds named Eye Wonder, Astral  Place, Candy World, Pop, Taboo, Sci-Matic, Underworld. Each with their own identity where you can express your innermost desires. Imagined by Guy Laliberté and created by Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, Through the Echoes is a multimedia show that transports you on a technological odyssey through space and time. 

In the shape of a pyramid, PY1 is a nomadic venue that presents immersive multimedia shows and vibrant collective experiences.

Capable of hosting up to 1,000 guests, PY1 made its world premiere in the heart of Old Montreal for 4 months, before visiting the biggest cities in the world for years to come.

PY1 Nights Eye Wonder

EYE WONDER – py1 nights

A dazzling night event through space and time

Visit the birth of the universe and sail through space, time and matter. Enter the riddle of the fractal universe and dance with light beings to the sound of deep house music.

Eye Wonder PY1 Nights

Embark on a journey filled with staggering visuals and electronic music played exclusively by local artists. Check out below EYE WONDER’ s signature world by Guy Laliberté & Gabriel Coutu-Dumont.

CARAVANA for PY1 Nights

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